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I have over 20 years experience working as a counsellor/ psychotherapist within the NHS and privately.
During my early career, I discovered that being alongside others, providing a safe space for them to talk about and express their feelings, was an experience I felt drawn to. It therefore felt a natural progression for me to train in counselling and psychotherapy. I firmly believe that the quality of presence within the therapeutic relationship is core.

What I offer

The nature of the therapeutic relationship is at the heart of Person-Centred Psychotherapy. From within this deeply empathic relationship the essential foundations for change to take place are laid.
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This form of therapy is generally considered to be helpful for those suffering from anxiety and/or depression.  We come to an understanding of how the problem is created and maintained.
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You do not have to be experiencing any difficulties in order to benefit from Mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a psychotherapy. Mindfulness teaches us to be more open and aware of each experience as it happens. Unfortunately many of us tend to live in the past or perhaps continually look to the future. We may complete everyday activities unaware of the details of each moment of our experience as they unfold. I teach both formal mindfulness practices and encourage ways to develop mindfulness in everyday life.
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As a supervisor for counsellors, psychotherapists and mindfulness teachers, I believe it is important to offer a safe space where the supervisee feels welcomed and at ease to reflect on their work in general, specific aspects in greater detail and explore their personal process as necessary.
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Gentle Spirit

Issues I can help with

Relationship difficulties Stress Anxiety Anger Depression Low Self Esteem Grief and Loss Work related difficulties Trauma Post Traumatic Stress Health Anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Personal Development Phobias Self Harm Spirituality

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  • Spring 2022: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life (MBCT-L) Course
  • Beginning Jan 2022: Introduction to Mindfulness Session